Enterprise Integration Services LLC
Be sure to check out how EIS can respond to your configuration management requirements.  Click on the Implementation Planning page to read about it.  Then go to Contact Us and let us know what you need. 

Expert Engineering Enterprise Support and 

System Integration Services

Enterprise Integration Services caters to the high-risk, high-value, systems integration requirements of top industrial and government clients worldwide.    We provide professional engineering, integration, customization and development services. Currently our product support focuses on:

  • KONFIG® Configuration Management
  • Tech Illustrator™ (TI®),
  • PPD™ Process Plant Design
  • OpenText Content Viewer Toolkit

Enterprise Integration Services LLC (EIS) was formed specifically to continue the professional services and support important to Auto-trol customers.  EIS was formed in collaboration with the new owners of Auto-trol to ensure continuity of services and support for all the customers of Auto-trol. 

We are an independent company with reseller ties to Auto-trol. EIS will provide support and services for all products worldwide.

EIS will retain key professional services people that you have known and worked with in the past years. 

Service levels with EIS will be seamless and we will ensure your projects continue to move forward.  Our project managers and management team will work closely with you to maintain integrity in your mission-critical schedules.