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What is OpenText?

OpenText Content Viewer Toolkit is a perfect compliment to KONFIG!  (formerly Spicer Imagenation)

OpenText Content Viewer Toolkit

Custom controls for custom solutions

OpenText Content Viewer Toolkit (formerly Spicer Image a•X) combines the proven view-markup-print-edit capability of OpenText Desktop Viewer (formerly Imagenation) and the flexibility of Microsoft's ActiveX™ technology. Integrate view-markup-print-edit functionality for hundreds of document types into your networked database solutions or sophisticated intranet/Web solutions.


  • Improve your ECM ROI through quicker, streamlined decisions
  • Protect sensitive intellectual property when publishing documents
  • Reduce costs by eliminating purchases of multiple expensive imaging programs
  • Eliminate re-keying errors and reduce maintenance of multiple disparate systems
  • Reduce printing costs with improved output accuracy, advanced printing features, and print preview
  • Save money on training and maintenance with one easy to install, easy-to-use application
  • Save time by creating batch conversion processes to run automatically at night or during off-peak hours


  • Universal viewing: Use a single application to access unlimited formats stored in your ECM (Enterprise Content Management) system.
  • View Markup for ECM & PLM: Equip everyone in the enterprise with instant access to the same, up-to-date ECM or PLM system content for real-time design and document reviews.
  • Printing and Plotting: Streamline plotting workflows and save costs on multiple drawing packages and third party viewers with a single application for printing from the desktop, or through a server.
  • Format Conversion: Identify, preview, and convert hundreds of business and technical file types for emailing, printing, publishing, and archiving.
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