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What is PPD?  (Process Plant Design)

Process Plant Design™ is used successfully all over the world for complex plant design activities. Our many years of experience together with the on-going innovation of our products warrant best possible profitability while safeguarding the investments made by our customers.

Configuration and Customization Capabilities

Integration of Process Plant Design in your company's workflow is possible using Oracle as database and state-of-the-art technology. ??This makes it possible, for example, to access parts lists, fittings lists or data sheets directly in Microsoft Office. You can compile evaluations of all kinds to meet your requirements -- using standard tools.


Process Plant Design is comprised of Drafting, IP&ID and VECTORPIPE. These solutions automate and optimize the engineering, design, maintenance and operation of process plants across industries.

Modular in design, PPD facilitates completion of specification-driven engineering tasks - required for small to large projects, including:

  • 3D process plant design and modeling
  • Plant maintenance and retrofitting (as-builts)
  • Creation of intelligent piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs)
  • Automatic generation of reports and engineering drawings, including Bill of Materials (BOM), piping isometrics, and plant layouts, produced via interaction between the application software and the underlying Engineering model and data stored in an Oracle® database