Enterprise Integration Services LLC

Project Management

For each Project:

Identify Project Scope and Deliverables

For each project identified by the joint team, a meeting will be held to discuss and capture the specific scope and deliverables associated with the iteration. Scope identification will include the specific requirements to be implemented including any additional information or requirements derived by the joint team. Deliverables will be identified that will include but not be limited to requirements, solution design documents, implementation components, test plans and procedures, deployment plans and end user training. EIS will capture this information, document, and deliver the results.


The joint team will create a plan that will identify the activities required to meet the scope and deliverables of the project. The plan will include high-level information on how the activities will be performed with descriptions that can be used in the implementation. Milestones of the iteration will be identified including review and approval meetings for the deliverables identified.


The implementation phase will include the execution of the activities identified in the plan. Activities include but are not limited to requirements generation, solution design, creation of the implementation components, testing and deployment. Deliverables will be created by EIS and reviewed by the joint team and other stakeholders to ensure the implementation satisfies the customer requirements.


The iteration implementation will be verified by the customer according to the requirements and any test plans and procedures developed as deliverables for the project. The customer will approve or disapprove the implementation for promotion to the end user environment (deployment). If the implementation is disapproved, the customer will identify the causes of verification failure for correction. The implementation will be corrected and verification conducted until approved.


The iteration will be deployed to a production environment after successful verification by the customer. Updates to the system will be applied to the KONFIG application components with notices sent to the end users describing the new updates and the anticipated downtime of the system while the updates are applied. KONFIG requires minimal downtime to apply implementation updates.

End User Training

End user training documentation will be created as a deliverable during the implementation phase in preparation for the deployment. EIS can assist or conduct the end user training to customer personnel.